Saturday, February 27, 2010

PBO has moved!

Hi everyone!
As some of you may have noticed the website has been down for a few months. The reason for this is that we have had some serious trouble with spamming targeting our forums. Therefore the games has been moved to a new location.

The other reason why we have decided to move our games is that the webpage cost a bit too much. We pay around 60$ each year for it without making any profit from either our games or banners.

The games can now be found at:

along with other intresting stuff by Marcus Lindmark.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Perfect Battle Online Special Edtion is out!

Finally! There is a new version of Perfect Battle Online (PBO) at our homepage.
Perfect Battle Online Special Edtion.

This Special Edition adds a new campaign called Felicias Quest with briefing sound. Voice by Sara Nyström and Marcus Lindmark.
It also adds new maps, new text files and new background textures.
New hints has also been added for all the map files.
Finally the source code is now open source!

This is also probably the last version of PBO that will be released by us. It has been five long years since we started to work on Perfect Battle, that later evolved into Perfect Battle Online. Since then many things has changed. When we began this project we used to meet up every week in Staffans and his wifes apartment. Usually we ate dinner, played soccer, and then worked on this game. Staffan did the programming and Marcus worked on either the graphics, music or writing down stuff about the game. Then in 2007 Marcus and his girlfriend decided to move from Stockholm to Gothenburg. Staffan felt that he was finished with PBO and moved on to other projects. Marcus was however not quite finished.

Marcus created a handful of new maps and even wrote a new sequel to the Massive Invasion campaign, starring Felicia Frost, Mikes younger sister. Then Marcus used a old hidden feature in PBO to add speech to the campaign. Marcus and his girlfriend Sara recorded the voices together, and the result was Felicias Quest. But the big challenge was not adding new maps but making the game open source.

We have a vision that PBO will live on, even if we the creators no longer keeps updating it. And the only way to make that happen was to release the source code to the public. So Marcus started to browse web pages about open source licenses and we decided to use the GNU license for PBO. Of course there also was some work writing a txt-file to explain how to edit the source. But that worked out well to. And now finally you has the chance to experince all this. Both the new game AND the source code are available at our homepage for download. We have tested to compile the source and it should work fine (at least the source for the game), IF you follow the instructions in the readme.txt file included.

Anyway. Thanks for this time. We will keep providing PBO at our homepage for at least a year longer from now. But if you want to keep our site running please make a small donation. It cost us around 50$ each year to have our homepage on the Internet so it would be great with some support.

Bye for now!

/Marcus Lindmark

Monday, November 24, 2008

Perfect Battle downloaded more than 95 000 times!

Hi again!
A great thing with our web space provider (, is that they offers us a tracking tool to see how many times our games has been downloaded over the years. After counting the statistics for each month I came to the following conclusion.

Perfect Battle Online
has been downloaded more than 11 000 times since 2007.

Perfect Battle
has been downloaded more than 95 000 times since 2005.

has been downloaded more than 12 000 times since 2003.

Pretty amazing isn't it? It is pretty clear that Perfect Battle still is the most requested game from our site. I would never have dreamt that it could generate hundreds of downloads every week three years after it's release! (Too bad we don't get paid for each download, then we would be rich by now).

It is also about time that Perfect Battle Online (PBO) finally reached the 10 000 downloads limit. We still think that PBO is our best game, so it is fun more people have been able to try it.

I will write some more after we have released PBO Special Edition. It has been a little delayed but hopefully it will available at our homepage ( before christmas. See ya soon!

/Marcus Lindmark

Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Review at the Freeware Addict!

Hi Guys!
The summer is finally here now in Sweden and the sun is shining brightly while I´m writing this. I will cut right to the case.

There are a new review of Perfect Battle Online on the net. It is written by Jose Stevens who tells us that "...the gameplay shines - brightly" but he also thinks that "...the controls are really disastrous". But Josh have only tried playing with the keyboard. In my opinion it is much more easy to play with the [keyboard + mouse] combination or as I prefear most - with the [Gamepad].

I also feel just a little bit offended that Josh thinks that the story is " unreal as Pamela Anderson’s boobs". I mean it is an science fiction game isn´t it? It's supposed to be unreal.

Read the whole review here:
Perfect Battle - Train your Keyboard Skills!

Keep on downloading our games! See ya!

/Marcus Lindmark

Thursday, February 28, 2008

PBO Special Edition coming soon!

Let me tell you something really cool! We will soon release the Perfect Battle Online Special Edition! This new edition of PBO will include both a new campaign called "Felicias Quest" and many new maps as well! You can already check out some of the new levels in our Tutorial video.

I also like to encourage everyone to check out our new ads at our homepage. We have changed our ad system from ShoppingAds to TradeDoubler. The reason behind this is that we didn't earn anything at all on the ShoppingAds. And we need some money to keep our site running, so please click on our sponsors ads. And if you find something useful then buy it to support us!

Last but not least. Dopefish7590 have been promoted to a new administrator for our Forums. Dopefish7590 did a great job deleting spam mails from the general thread, so that is why we trust Dopefish7590 enough to give him/her complete rights over the forums, including the right to ban users who dosen't behave. So be good now and write only nice things to each other! =)

Well that's it for now.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Video Tutorial - Learn to create your own maps!

Hi again everyone!
If you haven´t already noticed, there is a Map maker included with our game. And it is there for a reason. Our dream is that people all around the world will make use of our Map Maker and start to create their own maps and campaigns. And it has never been easier to get you started! Because now there is a new tutorial video avaliable on the Internet! Learn how to create your own map in minutes. Check out the video and get inspired!

Map Editor Video Tutorial

Good luck!

And if you create something good then please share your map on the Internet. We would love to put your map on our homepage.

Bye for now!
/Marcus Lindmark

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Babel Fish added to Bit2logic!

Hi again everyone!
We have now integrated the AltaVista's web translation service Babel Fish to some of our pages at This new feature adds support for eight new languages including spanish, french, german and japanese.

The Babel fish is also, as some of you guys may already know, a fictional species in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. If you have not read it yet, you should!

There are also a new (short) review to read about Perfect Battle Online in french for those who speaks it:

Review by Télécharger

I have managed to translate some of it with Babel Fish:

Perfect Battle Online should guarantee a few good moments... ...The play has the merit to propose a rather unusual mixture between the vertical shot em up and the RTS even if it´s realization is far from being imposing.

We have also recived a new e-mail from Kud Gray who tells us that we should put our project under GNU license, in order to improve the game. We are always looking for ways to further improve our games, but we are not sure what the advantages are with the GNU license instead of releasing our game as Freeware? Please discuss this topic at our forum and tell us what you think about this new idea.

See ya! /Marcus Lindmark